At we do out best to help our world one customer at a time. We get to meet you on the phone or provide you with a product that makes your life safer, and that really makes our day.

We also want to help outside the realm. Here are some great organizations we think are doing a wonderful service for humanity. We are very excited about the opportunity to be a part of their outreach and want to let you know about their good works.

The Lupus Foundation of Southern California

The Lupus Foundation of Southern California

Their mission: To enhance the quality of life for lupus patients and their families through awareness, education and advocacy; continually promote awareness in the community and support lupus research in an effort to find a cure.

Our thoughts:  The folks at the Southern California Lupus Foundation go out of their way to help those with lupus. Their specialty is providing positive approach support groups in the San Diego area to help participants overcome feelings of helplessness giving them confidence to take control of their lives. Lupus patients, their families and friends are welcomed.

For more information about - teaches the golf community about sun safety.

Their Mission:  To teach sun protection strategies to the golf community and to provide them with opportunities for the early detection of skin cancer. As a 501(c)(3) organization (charity), our goal is to help golfers enjoy a lifetime of healthy golf.

Our thoughts:  We could not pass up partnering with the SunSafeTee people. We see many a golfer in our Boutique and let me tell you, they have some of the worst sun damaged skin I have ever seen. Many are going to the dermatologist every 3 months to have things burned off or cut out. Just think about it, a round of golf could mean 3 to 5 hours out in the sun… that is a lot of sun.

This fine program was started by Mark Wishner, an avid golfer himself who has a deep concern for sun safety. He travels the country wide teaching sun protection and skin cancer awareness specifically for the golf community. The organization gives educational seminars, distributes sunscreen samples and published literature, and provides informational hand-outs for tournament attendees.

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The Asante Mariamu organization is dedicated to protecting those with albinism.

Asante Mariamu

Their Mission: Asante Mariamu is dedicated to ending the slaughter of people with albinism in East Africa; to bringing about the swift prosecution and conviction of their killers; and to providing albinos with life-saving education and supplies for the prevention of skin cancer.

Our thoughts: When Susan DeBois first emailed us about the Asante Mariamu mission I thanked her  for her email, but replied that I thought that, although she had nothing but good intentions, I was afraid that selling albino children with the thought that their body parts had mystical powers was just a web hoax. Well, it seems I was wrong.  In October 2009, ABC did an in depth report exposing epidemic of albino killings on people with albinism in East Africa.

Since few people need sun protection more than a person with albinism this was a natural fit for SunGrubbies.

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Father Joes Villeges provide help for the homeless.

Their Mission:  To help our neighbors in need. We provide a "Continuum of Care" that promotes a pathway to self-sufficiency and independence.

Every family and individual in need deserves to be treated with dignity. From a family struggling to make ends meet to a veteran who feels alone, or a battered woman fleeing domestic violence, we provide the personal support and essential care each person deserves. Our mission is to do more than alleviate someone's problems – we want them to build the skills and self-confidence that leads to success. St. Vincent de Paul Village helps people replace a sense of despair with a sense of dignity and hope.

Our thoughts: One of the things that struck us about Father Joe’s operation is their intelligent and thoughtful approach to helping the homeless community.  One example is a class that every resident must complete, focused on not blaming anyone or anything else for their life.  (A powerful thought for us all :) This class is taught by a fellow resident who has graduated from the class.

Another example of the intelligent approach Father Joe’s has taken to help the homeless population is starting a cooking school. Father Joe's feed thousands of homeless people every day and that takes an experienced cooking staff. So, he decided to open a cooking school and train the residence in cooking. Today a number of Father Joe's graduates are employed at 5 Star restaurants. No kidding, 5 STAR RESTAURANTS! In our opinion that is success!

With 7 villages to manage, each focused on different aspects of homelessness, Father Joe could use your help.

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Women for Women



Their mission: To help women go from victim to survivor to active citizen by providing financial aid, job training, rights awareness and leadership education.

Our thoughts: We first became aware of the Women for Women organization through Oprah. Watching women getting education they would normally not have the opportunity to get and blossoming made this charity a must do in our minds. We especially like being able to write the ladies we sponsor and getting letters back from them. It is a very humbling experience to correspond with women that are happy with what we consider here in the USA to be very, very little.

We are especially happy to contribute to anything that helps with world harmony. It was found that when women are supported they in turn help the family. There are many wonderful men in this world but it was found that when give financial support many men used the money to make themselves look better. That was not the case for most women. They put the money towards feeding the family, getting their children education and generating money by creating home businesses. A well fed, secure family makes for a better world.

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Rady Children's Hospital

Their Mission: Rady Children's Hospital is a San Diego nonprofit, 442-bed pediatric-care facility dedicated to excellence in care, research and teaching. Dana Unit is a fundraising arm of the children's hospital. They are doing a Garden Walk in Point Loma, California to raise money for the hospital. The Point Loma Garden Walk features a self-guided tour of private residential gardens, and a fantastic garden boutique as part of the event.

Our Thoughts: We are going! The walk should be wonderful. If you have ever driven through the streets of Point Loma you will not want to miss this event. And, you get the honor of helping one of San Diego's important hosipitals and the kids..

The IPCSG organization offers support forums to talk about prevention and treatment.

Their Mission: In 1990 a group of men with Prostate Cancer formed a support group now known as "Informed Prostate Cancer Support Group". It was started by 12 cancer survivors with no connection to doctors, hospitals, or clinics. It was their belief that they needed a forum where all ideas of prevention and treatment could be shared and openly discussed without following outdated medical practices.

The group meets the third Saturday of each month, 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM at Sanford-Burnham Auditorium. We often feature expert speakers to bring us the most current information on research, prevention, and treatment.

Because we offer the complete spectrum of information on prevention and treatment, we provide a forum where you can get all your questions answered in one place by men that have lived through the experience. Prostate cancer is very personal. Our goal is to make
you more aware of your options before you begin a treatment that has serious side effects that were not properly explained. Impotence,
incontinence, and a high rate of reoccurrence are very common side effects and may be for life.

Our Thoughts: We found out about this wonderful organization because one of our dear suppliers got a very nasty version of prostate cancer. He recently passed away but for the last 3 years, while he fought the disease, we kept very close and learned a lot about fighting cancer. He felt this organization was so helpful to him that, instead of sending flowers, he wanted us to donate to the IPCSG.

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